Anatomy of a Warm Refrigerator Service Call

Posted on December 12, 2014 by - Tech Talk

Join Samurai Appliance Repair Man on a real-life service call where he shows you how to troubleshoot and repair a warm Samsung French Door bottom mount refrigerator the Master Samurai Tech way.



You may notice in the video that I ask a couple times where all that ice came from but I never explicitly explain where. There's a very simple explanation and I thought I'd let that come out in any followup discussion. Do you know the answer?

Okay, I'll tell you. The melted defrost water that was pooled up in the pan below the evaporator was sucked up by the venturi effect caused by the evaporator fan motor running in a tightly controlled air channel. The water would have gathered around the evaporator fan and started freezing, slowly squeezing in on the evaporator fan motor blade like an icy boa constrictor. An early warning sign would have been noise from the fan blade tapping on the accumulating ice, which these owners ignored. Eventually, the ice built up enough to completely encase the fan blade in its icy tomb.

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  1. robert mastin on

    one of the thing i just recently learned, so not to destructivity remove cover. is to pull the scruws then pull plastic cover out that 1/2 inch or so that it will move. get your Turkey baster with the bulb is best, and run hot water down from top between coils and cover, when sufficient water runs out the bottom. the cover comes off easy.

    • Scott Brown on

      Good tip, Robert. But I would say, even with that, I would still prefer to replace the evap cover assembly for a couple reasons:

      – It’s not a terribly expensive part
      – It includes a new evap fan motor and FF compartment thermistor so it makes for a more reliable repair

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