About Team Samurai

Scott and Susan Brown are the founders of Master Samurai Tech. We have had a long and valued history with Mr. Appliance, dating back to November of 1996*.

We have worked in the appliance repair field since the mid-90s, both running a service business and training other technicians online through forums and, starting in 2014, structured online courses at the Master Samurai Tech Academy. Our two sons, Stephen and Sam, eventually joined us to round out "Team Samurai."

In 2016 we opened the Mr. Appliance Academy (www.MrAppliance.tech), a site where Mr. Appliance owners and their technicians benefit from our training courses with an exclusive discount.

You can read our full bios at our Master Samurai Tech Academy site.

* A little more on our history with Mr. Appliance, because we know that many are curious. We were the first Mr. Appliance franchise owners, and named Franchise of the Year in 1998. It was a great relationship, but an injury in the early 2000s caused us to shut down our service business for some time. This is when Scott began to put even more effort into offering online support to appliance technicians, and we provided some early training materials to Mr. Appliance at that time. We always valued our time as Mr. Appliance owners and were thrilled when Doug Rogers, then President of Mr. Appliance LLC, approached us about an official partnership to bring our online courses to the Mr. Appliance community.