Self-Study Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Training Course

This course is only available to new Mr. Appliance owners and will be set up at the request of Mr. Appliance LLC.

For technician training, start with the Core Appliance Repair Training course.

Course Syllabus:
Module 1 Self-Study Fundamentals Course Orientation
Welcome! The objective and mission of the Samurai Tech Academy. How to to get around the Academy and use this course.
Unit 1 How to Use and Interact with the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Course  
Module 2 Tools and Test Instruments
Basic tools that every tech needs on every service call.
Unit 1 Basic Tools to Have on Hand for Every Service Call  
Unit 2 Information Tools  
Module 3 Basic Electricity
Volts, ohms, amps. Ohm's Law. Series and parallel circuits. Loads and voltage drop. Basic electrical measurements. Reading wiring diagrams.
Unit 1 Basic Electricity: Electrical Terms  
Unit 2 What is Electricity? Current and Voltage  
Unit 3 Basic Electricity: Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power  
Unit 4 Basic Electricity: Circuit Components  
Unit 5 Basic Electricity: Series and Parallel Circuits  
Unit 6 Basic Electricity: Circuit Breaker Panels and Power Outlets  
Unit 7 Basic Electricity: Electrical Measurements in Appliance Repair  
Unit 8 Basic Electricity: Voltage Drop and Load  
Unit 9 Basic Electricity: More on DC and AC Voltage and Current  
Unit 10 Basic Electrical Wiring Skills in Appliance Repair  
Unit 11 Introduction to Schematic and Wiring Diagrams  
Unit 12 Basic Electricity Module Exam  
Module 4 Basic Electronics
Control board configurations in appliances. Common components on electronics boards encountered in appliance repair. Electronics connectors. Handling electronic boards. Testing diodes and rectifiers.
Unit 1 Self-Study Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Course Midterm Exam  
Unit 2 Electronics in Appliance Repair  
Unit 3 Components on Electronic Control Boards  
Unit 4 Basic Electronics: Capacitors  
Unit 5 Basic Electronics: Transformers  
Unit 6 Control Board Configurations Used in Appliance Repair  
Unit 7 Working with and Handling Electronics Boards in Appliance Repair  
Unit 8 Basic Electronics Module Exam  
Module 5 Troubleshooting
Fundamental law for troubleshooting. Basic diagnostic and correction procedure. Technician's diagnostic guide. Basic troubleshooting techniques and strategies. Using schematic diagrams to troubleshoot appliances.
Unit 1 Introduction to Troubleshooting  
Unit 2 Troubleshooting Basics and Strategies  
Unit 3 The Ten-Step Troubleshooting Tango  
Unit 4 Using Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances, Part 1  
Unit 5 Using Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances, Part 2  
Unit 6 Troubleshooting Module Exam  
Module 6 Basic Gas
Gas fuels in appliance repair; Physical properties of gas fuels; Natural gas distribution; How LP gas differs from natural gas; Gas pressure regulators; Measuring gas pressure; Gas flame characteristics.
Unit 1 Introduction to Gas Fuels in Appliance Repair  
Unit 2 Physical Properties of Gas Fuels  
Unit 3 Measuring Gas Pressure  
Unit 4 Natural Gas Distribution  
Unit 5 How LP Gas Differs from Natural Gas  
Unit 6 Gas Pressure Regulators  
Unit 7 Carbon Monoxide  
Unit 8 Gas Flame Characteristics  
Unit 9 Basic Gas Module Exam  
Module 7 Appliance Parts
Familiarization with various parts used in appliances: pumps, switches, relays, motors, sensors, and more.
Unit 1 Switches and Relays  
Unit 2 Pressure Switches, Thermostats, and Sensors  
Unit 3 Solenoid Valves  
Unit 4 Heating Elements  
Unit 5 Gas Appliance Parts: Valves, Flame Detectors, Ignitors, Spark Modules  
Unit 6 Appliance Parts Module Exam  
Module 8 Appliance Motors
Motor systems used in modern appliances. Principles of operation and failure modes.
Unit 1 Overview of Electric Motors Used in Appliances  
Unit 2 Variable Frequency Drive Systems  
Unit 3 Single-Phase Asynchronous AC Motors  
Unit 4 Appliance Motors: Supplemental Material  
Unit 5 Appliance Motors Module Exam  
Module 9 Final Exam and Beyond
Final exam for the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair course.
Unit 1 Training your Techs and other Resources  
Unit 2 Final Exam for the Samurai Tech Academy Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Course