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Core Appliance Repair Training Course: This is our flagship course, the place where most techs, even those with experience, begin their journey towards mastery. We give you all the foundational knowledge an appliance technician needs to have in this powerful course, focusing heavily on electric circuit analysis and troubleshooting using schematics, the essential skills needed to tackle any brand and model out there.

Advanced Refrigerator Repair: Once you have the fundamentals covered, refrigerators is the specialty area that will give you the most bang for your buck. Become well-versed in the principles of operation, common problems, troubleshooting and repair of single and dual evaporator refrigerators, split-phase and inverter-driven compressors.

Advanced Troubleshooting Course: The key to the future of appliance repair lies in being able to troubleshoot modern appliances using their schematic diagrams. This course picks up where Fundamentals leaves off and helps you progress further down the road towards mastery.

Advanced Washer, Dryer, and Dishwasher Repair: This course will give you an in-depth understanding of the technology found in front-load and top-load washers, gas and electric dryers, and dishwashers. You'll learn their operations and common problems, with lots of troubleshooting and repair videos.

Advanced Oven and Range Repair: This course provides in-depth presentations on the technologies and common problems you’ll encounter in cooking appliances, both old and new. It includes a number of case studies using real schematics to give the student practice. With this specialized troubleshooting expertise in your toolkit, you’ll confidently burn through any oven and range problem.

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How the Courses Work

Each course is a series of lessons, with a mix of readings, audio and video presentations, photos, and diagrams. The lessons are on-demand, meaning that you can choose when, where, and how long you spend each study session. Each lesson has an automatically-graded quiz that must be taken before moving on to the next lesson. Simple!

Interactivity - Get Help When You Need It

A student can go through the training whenever they want, at their own speed. However, there are a number of features that make sure students get the support they need:

  • Two exams with open-answer questions in the Core course, personally graded by Team Samurai, with feedback. These open-answer questions are the most effective way to evaluate the progress of a student in grasping some of the most important concepts.
  • Ask the Teacher Forums where you can post questions and also review other conversations between students and Team Samurai.
  • Appliantology: Students enrolled in the Core course get a free 6-month membership at our tech support site, Appliantology.org, with premium access to service manuals, tech-only help forums, and a large library of webinar recordings.

Master Certification Bonus: If you earn Master Certification, you are eligible for a free, renewable 1-year Appliantology membership. Click here to read about the MST Alumni Program.