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Tech Check info

The Tech Check is a free benefit of the Mr. Appliance® Academy that can help you evaluate a person's work readiness, training needs, and aptitude.

The questions are drawn from the material taught in the Core Appliance Repair Training course at the Academy, so the results can give you a good indication of the skill or knowledge gaps that will need to be addressed with training.

There is also a short section of “Aptitude” questions which tests for the basic math skills required in the Core course. A calculator is required for these.

Tech Check Instructions

The test-taker must be logged in to a valid account to take the Tech Check - either yours or the "Tech Check" account, details below. Do not register a job candidate for their own account. Registration is only for your employees who will be enrolling in courses.

If the candidate will be coming into your office, just log in to using your personal account, then go to the Tech Check page (it’s linked to in the main menu). Fill in your email address and the candidate’s name, then have them take the test. (Be sure they have a calculator.)

Note: if you don’t have your own free account at the site yet, just click here to register. This will give you access to the Tech Check and any other future free benefits at the site.

If the candidate will be taking the test from his/her own computer, please send them these instructions and ask them to follow them carefully. If they do not put your email address on the form, you will not receive the results.
You must be logged in to view the instructions for taking the Tech Check.

Interpreting the Tech Check Results

The results will be reported as a percentage of correct answers in each category. The categories are things like Aptitude, Basic Electricity, Motors, etc.

We’ve chosen questions that represent important knowledge or skills that all professional appliance techs should possess, so any results below 80-90% usually indicate that there is room for additional training. The material represented by these questions is taught (along with a whole lot more) in the Core Appliance Repair Training course.

Even many currently-working techs have not been well-trained in some of the categories covered in Core, so it’s not a cause for alarm to receive low marks in some of these areas. It just means that taking Core will really help them to up their game.

With the exception of Aptitude, low scores in the other sections are not by themselves cause for alarm. It is more of an indication of where the tech is starting from, and how quickly they'll be able to get up to speed with some training.

The basic math questions in the Aptitude section are a good indicator of whether or not a candidate has the ability to learn the necessary skills and material required to be an appliance technician.

A person who does not score 100% on the basic “Aptitude” math questions should not necessarily be ruled out as a candidate for the Academy (or for being an appliance tech), but you should evaluate them more carefully yourself to try to determine their capabilities. There is basic math and logical thinking required for troubleshooting appliances - it’s not all mechanical aptitude. But it is possible that someone could perform poorly on a test format like this yet still have the necessary capabilities.

Whoever is evaluating the techs should take the Tech Check themselves so they can be familiar with the types of questions asked, and therefore be better able to interpret the results for the techs who take it.