Free Resources

We have a number of helpful, free resources for you!

Employer Resource Page: if you are supervising techs who are students at the Academy, then be sure to read this report that contains lots of helpful tips and advice!

The following resources require you to be logged into this site with a student account. If you don't have one already, get your free registration here.

Internetology: a free short course, Internet Basics for Everyone.

Appliantology 101: a free short course on how to optimize your use of the 'net's most powerful appliance tech support site. (Note: full use of Appliantology requires a separate membership at and is not part of the Mr. Appliance Academy.)

Samurai Tech Check: The Tech Check exam is a quick and easy way to determine your own or another tech's readiness to go out in the field or how much training they may still need.