Advanced Refrigerator Repair Course

Once you know the fundamentals, then refrigerators are the next appliance you want to master. Refrigerators are profitable appliances to work on, and they are the specialty area with the largest demand for knowledge and expertise.

This course covers the principles of operation, common problems, troubleshooting and repair of single and dual evaporator refrigerators, split-phase and inverter-driven compressors. Everything you need to know to work on all the models, old-school and modern.

Note: A pdf or hard copy of the book, Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, 3rd Edition, by Eric Kleinert is required for this course.


Course Syllabus:
Module 1 Refrigerator Technology
Thermodynamics; Understanding the basic refrigeration cycle; Components of a refrigeration system.
Unit 1 How to Use and Interact With the Advanced Refrigerator Repair Training Course
Unit 2 Refrigerator Operational Overview
Unit 3 Thermodynamics and Phase Change
Unit 4 Properties of Refrigerants
Unit 5 The Refrigeration Cycle
Unit 6 Refrigerator Air Distribution Systems
Unit 7 Refrigerator Temperature Control Systems
Unit 8 Refrigerator Defrost Systems
Unit 9 Sealed System Components: Condensers and Compressors
Unit 10 Split-phase Compressors and their Start Devices, Part 1
Unit 11 Split Phase Compressors and their Start Devices, Part 2
Unit 12 Inverter Compressor Systems
Unit 13 Linear Compressors
Unit 14 Dual Evaporator Refrigerators
Unit 15 Refrigerator Principles of Operation Module Exam
Module 2 Common Problems and Troubleshooting
Common problems with refrigerators; troubleshooting principles.
Unit 1 The Systems Approach to Troubleshooting Refrigerators
Unit 2 Evaporator Frost Pattern Analysis
Unit 3 Troubleshooting Strategies for Warm Refrigerator Complaints
Unit 4 Troubleshooting Freezing in Fresh Food Compartments
Unit 5 Troubleshooting Ice, Frost, and Condensation Problems
Unit 6 Troubleshooting Inverter Compressor Refrigerators
Unit 7 Troubleshooting Computer-Controlled Refrigerators
Unit 8 3-Way Valves and Dual Evaporator Systems
Unit 9 Ten Step Tango Refrigerator Workshop
Unit 10 Common Problems and Troubleshooting Module Exam
Module 3 Sealed System Diagnostics and Repair
In-depth info on troubleshooting sealed systems
Unit 1 Refrigeration Cycle Overview in Real-World Systems
Unit 2 Real-World Pressure Temperature Example Problem
Unit 3 P-H Diagrams, P-T Tables, Superheat, Subcooling, and Saturation
Unit 4 The Ideal Refrigeration Cycle vs. the Real World Cycle
Unit 5 Half-Splitting a Sealed System; Sealed System Failures with Symptoms
Unit 6 Sealed System Diagnostics, Part 1
Unit 7 Sealed System Diagnostics, Part 2
Unit 8 Refrigerator Sealed System Service Basic Skills
Unit 9 Refrigerator Sealed System Service: Replacing the Compressor and Filter Drier
Module 4 Ice Makers and Dispensers
This module covers the basics of ice makers, dispensers, and refrigeration sealed system repairs.
Unit 1 Refrigerator Ice Maker Basics
Unit 2 Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser Basics
Module 5 Resources for Continuing Education and Final Exam
How to keep up with the changing technology in refrigerators. Getting help with specific refrigerator problems.
Unit 1 Refrigerator Course Final Exam