The courses offered here at the Mr. Appliance® Tech Academy are especially designed by Master Samurai Tech for Mr. Appliance® franchisees. We are the creators of the premiere, state-of-the-art Master Samurai Tech Academy for professional appliance technicians. Our online courses are comprehensive, cost-effective, and self-paced. Our students are both rookies to the trade and experienced technicians.

Modern appliance repair requires technicians trained in both analog and digital skills to troubleshoot today’s appliances. Master Samurai Tech specializes in teaching the latest technologies used in today’s computer-controlled appliances.

Read more about Team Samurai: Scott and Susan Brown.

Your 3 Training Options at the Mr. Appliance® Tech Academy

***Please consider your choice carefully!***

Bundle 1: Mr. Appliance® Full-Support Technical Training, $395 ($1195 value). Highly recommended! This is the most powerful package. All three courses are included (Fundamentals, Refrigerators, Advanced Schematics) with full interactive features, including open-answer exams graded by Team Samurai, Student Q&A Forums, and live webinars with Scott Brown ("Samurai Appliance Repair Man"). This is the only option that can lead to MST Certification.

Bundle 2: Mr. Appliance® Self-Study Technical Training, $150 ($745 value). This package includes all three courses (Fundamentals, Refrigerators, Advanced Schematics) but with no interactivity. This would be appropriate for a business where there is a service manager or other person who can take on the role of overseeing the student's studies, answering questions and giving help as needed.

Bundle 3: Mr. Appliance® Self-Study Fundamentals Course, $50 ($345 value). This is our flagship course, Fundamentals of Appliance Repair, offered without the interactive components.

Why should I choose the Full-Support package?
Online training is great because it is on-demand and self-paced. However, every student learns a little differently and often needs to get extra help. We have several powerful interactive features in Bundle 1 that offer this help: Student Q&A Forums, weekly live webinars with the Samurai, and in the Fundamentals course, 2 exams with open-answer questions graded by Team Samurai. These open answer exams often result in personal feedback and help, as well as resetting to previous points in the course for added practice.

If you don't have someone in your office who can oversee your tech's training and offer help along the way, then we strongly suggest you choose Bundle 1 for your tech to get the most out of his/her studies.