Ongoing Tech Support, Service Manuals, and MORE at!

We offer three perks at Appliantology for Mr. Appliance techs and owners.

  1. A student who is enrolled in the Core Appliance Repair Training course gets a free 6-month Student membership at Appliantology.
  2. Anyone who earns Master Certification qualifies for our free 1 year, renewable Alumni membership.
  3. Any Mr. Appliance owner who wants to purchase a premium membership for themselves or a tech ("Professional Appliantologist") does NOT have to pay the usual $39 application fee when they apply. They simply have to identify themselves as a Mr. Appliance owner and ignore the payment pop-up. Click here to apply.

More info about is a support resource for professional appliance technicians that is designed to be used on a regular basis.

The primary features are:

- Peer-to-peer technician forums
- Access to exclusive Team Samurai Webinar Recordings
- A robust downloads section for manuals and tech sheets

The Forums are the main focus of the site: techs helping each other out on tricky technical issues, customer service challenges, and general camaraderie. This not only can help a tech with a particularly tricky job, but regular participation will accelerate their knowledge and skill level.

Techs can boost their continuing education further by watching our webinar recordings, which cover a variety of topics. These presentations will provide some review and practice of basic troubleshooting skills, as well as deeper dives into appliance technology.

Lastly, the downloads section makes sure that they have the documents needed to properly prepare for and then execute a repair.

Who can be a member?

Because this is a community, and not just a depository of resources to download, memberships are always for an individual, not a company.

Membership is also restricted to people who are professional appliance technicians or Master Samurai Tech/Mr. Appliance Academy students.