Core Appliance Repair Course

Course Syllabus:
Module 1 Core Appliance Repair Training Course Orientation
Welcome! The objective and mission of the Samurai Tech Academy. How to to get around the Academy and use this course.
Unit 1 Welcome! Meet your Sensei  
Unit 2 How to Use and Interact with the Core Appliance Repair Training Course  
Module 2 Core Operational Overviews
Operational Overviews
Unit 1 Core: Introduction to Appliance Repair  
Unit 2 Core: Refrigerator Operational Overview  
Unit 3 The Refrigerator Service Call  
Unit 4 Core: Gas Cooktop, Oven, and Range Operational Overview  
Unit 5 Core: Electric Cooktop, Oven, and Range Operational Overview  
Unit 6 The Cooktop, Oven, and Range Service Call  
Unit 7 Core: Front-Load Washer Operational Overview  
Unit 8 Core: Top-Load Washer Operational Overview  
Unit 9 The Washer Service Call  
Unit 10 Core: Gas and Electric Dryer Operational Overview  
Unit 11 The Dryer Service Call  
Unit 12 Core: Dishwasher Operational Overview  
Unit 13 The Dishwasher Service Call  
Unit 14 Internet-Connected Appliances  
Module 3 Tools and Test Instruments
Basic tools that every tech needs on every service call.
Unit 1 Basic Tools to Have on Hand for Every Service Call  
Unit 2 Information Tools  
Module 4 Basic Electricity
Volts, ohms, amps. Ohm's Law. Series and parallel circuits. Loads and voltage drop. Basic electrical measurements. Reading wiring diagrams.
Unit 1 Basic Electricity: Electrical Terms  
Unit 2 What is Electricity? Current and Voltage  
Unit 3 Resistance, Power, and Intro to Ohm's Law  
Unit 4 Circuit Components and Series Circuits  
Unit 5 Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits  
Unit 6 Circuit Breaker Panels and Power Outlets  
Unit 7 Electrical Measurements in Appliance Repair  
Unit 8 Voltage, Voltage Drop, and Load  
Unit 9 More on AC/DC Power and Circuit Wrap-Up  
Unit 10 Basic Electrical Wiring Skills in Appliance Repair  
Unit 11 Introduction to Schematic and Wiring Diagrams  
Unit 12 Basic Electricity Module Exam  
Module 5 Basic Electronics
Control board configurations in appliances. Common components on electronics boards encountered in appliance repair. Electronics connectors. Handling electronic boards. Testing diodes and rectifiers.
Unit 1 Core Appliance Repair Training Course Midterm Exam  
Unit 2 Electronics in Appliance Repair  
Unit 3 Components on Electronic Control Boards  
Unit 4 Basic Electronics: Capacitors  
Unit 5 Basic Electronics: Transformers  
Unit 6 Control Board Configurations Used in Appliance Repair  
Unit 7 Working with and Handling Electronics Boards in Appliance Repair  
Unit 8 Basic Electronics Module Exam  
Module 6 Troubleshooting
Fundamental law for troubleshooting. Basic diagnostic and correction procedure. Technician's diagnostic guide. Basic troubleshooting techniques and strategies. Using schematic diagrams to troubleshoot appliances.
Unit 1 Introduction to Troubleshooting  
Unit 2 Troubleshooting Basics and Strategies  
Unit 3 The Ten-Step Troubleshooting Tango  
Unit 4 Using Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances, Part 1  
Unit 5 Using Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances, Part 2  
Unit 6 Troubleshooting Module Exam  
Module 7 Basic Gas
Gas fuels in appliance repair; Physical properties of gas fuels; Natural gas distribution; How LP gas differs from natural gas; Gas pressure regulators; Measuring gas pressure; Gas flame characteristics.
Unit 1 Introduction to Gas Fuels in Appliance Repair  
Unit 2 Physical Properties of Gas Fuels  
Unit 3 Measuring Gas Pressure  
Unit 4 Natural Gas Distribution  
Unit 5 How LP Gas Differs from Natural Gas  
Unit 6 Gas Pressure Regulators  
Unit 7 Carbon Monoxide  
Unit 8 Gas Flame Characteristics  
Unit 9 Basic Gas Module Exam  
Module 8 Appliance Parts
Familiarization with various parts used in appliances: pumps, switches, relays, motors, sensors, and more.
Unit 1 Switches and Relays  
Unit 2 Pressure Switches, Thermostats, and Sensors  
Unit 3 Solenoid Valves  
Unit 4 Heating Elements  
Unit 5 Gas Appliance Parts: Valves, Flame Detectors, Ignitors, Spark Modules  
Unit 6 Appliance Parts Module Exam  
Module 9 Appliance Motors
Motor systems used in modern appliances. Principles of operation and failure modes.
Unit 1 Overview of Electric Motors Used in Appliances  
Unit 2 Variable Frequency Drive Systems  
Unit 3 Single-Phase Asynchronous AC Motors  
Unit 4 Appliance Motors: Supplemental Material  
Unit 5 Appliance Motors Module Exam  
Module 10 Final Exam and Beyond
Final exam for the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair course.
Unit 1 Looking Ahead to other Academy Courses and Beyond  
Unit 2 Final Exam for the Core Appliance Repair Training Course, Part 1  
Unit 3 Final Exam for the Core Appliance Repair Training Course, Part 2