Quiz & Exam Reset Policy and Request

If you are aiming to earn Certification, then you have two attempts on each quiz or exam to earn the required scores (90% on EACH quiz and exam).

If you don’t pass on your first attempt, you should take steps to figure out your mistakes by really learning the material, not just trying different answers and hope to get them correct. That is NOT learning.

The two ways to prepare for another attempt are to
1) go back and study the course material, or
2) ask for help in the Ask the Teacher Forums.

If, despite your best efforts as described above, you fail a quiz or exam on your second attempt, then you will need to request a reset using the form below.

Important: A reset back to an earlier point will clear any quizzes taken after that point and they will have to be retaken. Keep this in mind if you choose to move forward while waiting for the reset to be done.

Fill out my online form.