Quiz & Exam Reset Policy and Request

If you are aiming to earn Certification, then you have two attempts on each quiz or exam to earn the required scores (90% on EACH quiz and exam).

If you don’t pass on your first attempt, you should take steps to figure out your mistakes by really learning the material, not just trying different answers and hope to get them correct. That is NOT learning.

The two ways to prepare for another attempt are to
1) go back and study the course material, or
2) ask for help in the Ask the Teacher Forums.

If, despite your best efforts as described above, you fail a quiz or exam on your second attempt, then you will need to request a reset using the form below.

Resets are not automatically given. You must demonstrate that you have adequately prepared to pass the quiz or exam on your third attempt.

Do not move forward in the course until you've gotten the score you need on a quiz. A reset back to an earlier point will clear any quizzes taken after that point.

Why is the reset policy strict?

To ensure the quality of training at the Academy and the value of our Certification, we have to guard against students passing their quizzes and exams by “process of elimination” - taking them so many times that they end up with correct answers, even though they still don’t understand them. This is why we have these “roadblocks” to get students to stop moving forward in the course until they’ve done the work needed to master the material.

This also means that if a student requires more than just a few resets to pass a course, they may not earn Master Certification.

Your Powerful Study Tool: the Ask the Teacher Forums

Learning takes effort, but we are here to help! Everyone has a different background and learning style, which is why we incorporated the interactive Forums as a way to offer individualized help when students need it.

Problem is, a lot of students don't take advantage of them. They are either shy about asking for help or unsure about how to put their problem into words. Here's what we say about those two stumbling blocks:

1. There’s absolutely no shame in getting additional help from us in the Ask the Teacher Forums. The only true shame is when a student doesn’t take full advantage of the training here at the Academy by pushing through too fast and just barely getting the scores needed to “pass.” And we are GLAD to help. It's what we are here for!

2. Just dive in and write anything about the difficulty you are having. We will correspond back and forth as needed to get to a solution and help you have a better understanding. And you'll get more comfortable using the Forums with a little practice.

The Ask the Teacher Forums are under the For Students tab in the main menu.

When you are ready to request a reset:

Submit the form below, then keep a close eye on your email. We will be writing back.

Fill out my online form.