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1-year Enrollment
The one-time tuition payment (listed below) gives you full access to your course(s) and other student benefits for a full year! Since all 3 courses can be easily completed in less than 6 months, this gives ample time to complete the courses and go back and review the material. But only enroll your tech if they are ready to get started.

Your 3 Training Options at the Mr. Appliance® Academy

***Please consider your choice carefully!***

Bundle 1: Mr. Appliance® Full-Support Technical Training, $395 ($1195 value). Highly recommended! This is the most powerful package. All three courses are included (Fundamentals, Refrigerators, Advanced Troubleshooting) with full interactive features, including open-answer exams graded by Team Samurai, Student Q&A Forums, and webinars with Scott Brown ("Samurai Appliance Repair Man"). This is the only option that can lead to Master Certification and the MST Alumni Program at Appliantology.

Bundle 2: Mr. Appliance® Self-Study Technical Training, $150 ($745 value). This package includes all three courses (Fundamentals, Refrigerators, Advanced Troubleshooting) but with no interactivity. This would be appropriate for a business where there is a service manager or other person who can take on the role of overseeing the student's studies, answering questions and giving help as needed.

Bundle 3: Mr. Appliance® Self-Study Fundamentals Course, $50 ($345 value). This is our flagship course, Fundamentals of Appliance Repair, offered without the interactive components.

Note: For all of these Bundles, a pdf or hard copy of the book, Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, 3rd Edition, by Eric Kleinert is required. (You can order through that link.)

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