Step 1:

Log in to the Student Account for the person you are enrolling.

If you don't yet have a Student Account for that person, click here to Register a new student.

Step 2:

Choose the course or bundle you want for the tech in the "Checkout Options" section below.
The usual starting point is the Core Appliance Repair Training course. Once that is completed, techs can take the Advanced Courses Bundle to complete their Master Certification.

Course Access
The Core Appliance Repair Training course comes with 1 year of access.
The Advanced Courses Bundle comes with 2 years of access.
This is ample time to complete the courses and go back and review the material. But only enroll your tech if they are ready to get started.

Note: A copy of the book, Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, 3rd Edition, by Eric Kleinert is used as a supplement to several of the courses. It is fine to simply have one copy on hand at the office for your techs. (You can order at Amazon through that link. Do NOT get the Kindle version.)

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