Course Updates

In our quest to keep bringing the most up-to-date and relevant information to our students, the courses at the Mr. Appliance® Academy are frequently updated with either new and improved features or new content.

This page is a log of those changes so that you can check to see if there's something you missed. It also can help clear things up if the course is behaving a little differently that you are used to - perhaps there's a quiz you need to go back and take.

As always, contact us if you have any questions!

The most recent updates are listed first:

June 2017: Divided Fundamentals final exam into two parts.

April 2017: Added a video on "Loading Down in DC Power Supplies" to Module 6 Unit 4 of Advanced Troubleshooting.

February 2017: Made significant changes to most of the units in the Troubleshooting Module of Fundamentals of Appliance Repair.

August 2016: Fundamentals - Added a new video on Basic Ohm's Law Calculations to Basic Electricity, Unit 3.

July 2016: added free short courses Internetology and Appliantology 101.

April 2016: Fundamentals - Added a new MST video on Capacitors to Basic Electronics, Unit 4.