A Master Samurai Tech Presentation: Troubleshooting Appliance Electronic Control Boards

Posted on March 10, 2015 by - Presentations, Tech Talk

A Master Samurai Tech Presentation:
Troubleshooting Appliance Electronic Control Boards


Learn from the Samurai and become a troubleshooting master!

Using a Whirlpool dishwasher as a case study, the Samurai explains each step in the process of troubleshooting electronic control boards in appliances, revealing the schematic mysteries to all who want to learn.

In this 38-minute video, you will learn:

  • Basic troubleshooting techniques with broad applications to all appliances
  • How to use tech sheets properly
  • How to get those control boards to talk to you
  • How to identify suspected problems using the schematic diagram
  • How to formulate a troubleshooting strategy based on schematic analysis
  • How to identify where to make electrical measurements
  • About triac-gated neutrals in AC loads with standing voltage
  • The difference between loading and non-loading voltage meters and when and why to use each

...and much more!

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to this video!


Here are a few tantalizing screenshots of the presentation...

One small price of admission gains you lifetime access to this valuable training video as well as the ability to ask follow-up questions in the comments section. Watch it as many times as you like as part of your journey to become a Master Samurai Tech!

Note: if you are enrolled in Advanced Schematic Analysis and Troubleshooting, then you have access to this presentation in your course materials.

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17 Responses to “A Master Samurai Tech Presentation: Troubleshooting Appliance Electronic Control Boards”

    • Scott Brown on

      Hi Smashy,

      We had some audio bugs in the webinar version so this presentation is a complete re-do with just me.

      After watching the screencast, I’d love to hear your comments, criticisms, questions, suggestions for improvement, and, of course, accolades! You can post them right here in the comments section so everyone can read them, too.



      • Smashycomman on

        Ok, just watched it. VERY informative and helpful! I learn something new with everything you present like this. The only “critique” I would have is that I wish there was a quiz with it. I know there can’t be quizzes with everything, but it would be helpful to me if that’s at all possible. 🙂

        Other than that, very straightforward and understandable. Very much worth the money.

  1. Christopher Lewis on

    Yes sir got some good info here. One thing though on that p52 connection how did you deduce that particular point on the trace whas 2. Why not the node above it. Please explain

    • Scott Brown on

      Hi Chris, good question. For others reading this, I start explaining how to locate the mysterious and elusive P5 “connector” at 26:50 in the video. A closeup of the specific location you’re referring to is shown at 27:38, unless I’m mistaken about your question.

      Electrically, the pad just above and in the same trace as the pad that I identified as P5-2 is identical to P5-2. I specifically called out the pad I did as P5-2 because it was contained in the markings on the board. I did this because I was trying to illustrate how to read board markings as well. But I don’t think I explicitly brought out the point that the pad just above and in the same trace as the pad identified P5-2 is the same electrical location. So thanks for your clarifying question!

      Did my answer clear it up for you?

      • Christopher Lewis on

        Yes sir it did thank you very much. I had to go back and re watch the video a couple times and go back and forth with the schematic but I finally got it.

        THanks sensei

  2. Dion Lewis on

    I could not finish the video before I had to come say Thank you.
    I always learn something from your videos, I hope to see more.
    To anyone debating the $5, You CANT afford not to get the video.
    Thanks again.

  3. Robert Smith on

    Good technical insight. When I traced L1 it appeared that the machine washer pump motor was was dead also. I am a tech and kind of know how to read wiring diagrams wondering if you will someday have class on that?

    • Scott Brown on

      Hi Robert,

      You must be reading my mind! We are hard at work crafting material for our upcoming course, Advanced Schematic Analysis and Troubleshooting. This presentation on troubleshooting electronic control boards is an example of just one of the many screencasts we’re making for that course. We’ll announce the release of the course in the STA newsletter. Stay tuned!

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