Do You Know the Secrets for Troubleshooting Warm Refrigerators?

Posted on January 4, 2015 by - Tech Talk

Refrigerator Flow Chart Quiz

Refrigerator Flow Chart Quiz

Also, the refrigerator is plugged in, the doors close properly, and the condenser coil is clean.

What's the next thing to check?

Bad control board, right? Nope. What's your next guess?

Check the defrost system, right? Nyet, tovarish!

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Oh, BTW, the answer to the quiz is to see if the compressor is running. šŸ™‚

Bonus question: How do you check the compressor operation? To be continued...

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  1. Ron Needham on

    Check to see if compressor is running. If it is check the suction line and high side line for heat or cool. Check compressor by unplugging the fridge and plugging it back in right away to see if the compressor will start right away or not. I just had one like this and it took me awhile because it was working partially. The evaporator had about half of it getting frosty. I thought it had an internal problem. Pressure on the gauges was good. By accident after flushing the system and changing the dryer and the oil in the compressor which seemed to be pumping ok, the fridge still not frosting up the evaporator properly. By accident I hit the plug while walking behind the fridge and unplugged it. When I plugged it right back in it started right back up. This was when I realized the compressor was bad. I put in a new compressor and it is now working fine but this was a big lesson for me. I was thinking your mega amp tester might have saved me some aggravation. I learned that just because the pressures look good and the compressor is running, it can still be bad. Any way that is the next thing I would check.

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