Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 1

Posted on August 6, 2015 by - MST Radio

podcast1 200- 1 About this podcast: a podcast by appliance techs, for appliance techs
- 2 About the Samurai Tech Academy
- 3 MST news
- 3.1 About Appliantology, features.
- 3.1.1 Grasshoppers moderated at Appliantology.
- 3.2 New course bundles
- 3.3 Jobs listings and resumes for students and grads
- 4 Tech talk
- 4.1 Voltage Sniffers vs. Loading Meters vs. Non-loading digital multimeters

2 Responses to “Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 1”

  1. William Beckstead on

    As always you set a standard of Excellence that this trade has been lacking for years! Back in the 70’s and early 80’s I knew the lack of training and co-operation from manufactures and big retailers would someday get to here, Way over do and I applaud you and your wife for your perseverance and success and wish you both all the success in the future which you rightly deserve.
    Many older members would understand what you have accomplished and hopefully some of the newer and younger members. What you have done is,in my humble opinion, unsurpassed in the trade today anywhere in North America! After 45 yrs in this my eyes now weak so I am going to enjoy your podcast’s. Once again thank you for what you have done for this trade.

    • Susan Brown on

      Thank you so much for your kind words, William! It is so gratifying to know that our efforts are appreciated. You’ve identified exactly what we are trying to do – to help bring the appliance repair trade back to a higher standard of excellence, enabling tradespeople to have enjoyable, respectable, and profitable careers. It’s always great to hear from someone that our contributions to the tech community are helping!

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