Orientation Information

Important links are in the For Students item in the Main Menu, as well as the My Courses button in the upper right corner. Take a look at those now if you are new.

Here’s how the course is set up

This course is divided up into modules and units.

Modules cover a broad subject, such as Basic Electricity, and are composed of units.

Think of units as lessons.

Each unit has a quiz at the end that you must take before you move on to the next unit.

Each module has an exam at the end that is made up of questions from all of the quizzes. In other words, the module exams are a review. If you've done your work on the unit quizzes, these will be a piece of cake.

There is also a Final Exam.

Each quiz or exam comes with two attempts available.

If you are aiming to earn Master Certification, then you must get 90% or higher on EACH quiz and exam in every course.

*** It is NOT based on averages. ***

You have two attempts on each quiz or exam to achieve this score.

If you use your second attempt and still do not get the needed score, you need to STOP moving forward and click here to go to our Reset request page. We cannot reset individual quizzes for you to retake them. We can only set you back to a previous point in the course, which erases anything you did after that point.

How to really learn this stuff

Remember that this is training for your job, your livelihood. Mastering this material will improve your income, job success and work satisfaction. Give it your all!

  • Some units will be easy and quick, some will be long and challenging. Be prepared and willing to repeat readings or videos as necessary.
  • Do not skip any of the assigned readings or videos. (See this short video on how to make the most of our videos. It will open in a new tab so you don't lose your place here.)
  • Read instructions carefully.
  • Get a notebook and make handwritten notes as you go along. This is proven to help students understand and retain the information. You’ll also find it useful for when you need to go back and study for exams.
  • Don’t rush, don’t take long breaks.
  • Make use of the Ask the Teacher Forums. Team Samurai can answer your questions there and step you through anything you are struggling with. This is a powerful feature of the Academy; be sure to use it!

We’re serious about the Forums. It may seem like there’s a lot of distance between us and you, this being an online course. But our job is to help you become a better tech, and if you need something explained in a different way, or broken down a bit more than how we present it in a lesson, we are more than happy to do that.

How the Quizzes can make you a rock star

Each unit has a quiz at the end that you have to take to move forward. These are designed to help you evaluate how well you understood the material.

That point is important: the quizzes are for YOU. They help you to see what you need to work on so you can be a better tech. Don't be nervous or let bad scores discourage you - have a fighting attitude, a determination to do what it takes!

Your goal should be to score 100% as often as possible by your second attempt.

Why not? Everything we teach here will make you a better tech, and this is a self-paced, on-demand course. You are in control of your training.

1. After you’ve studied the lesson, take the quiz.
2. If you miss any questions, DO NOT retake it right away UNLESS your mistake is obvious to you.
3. Take the time to re-study for the question(s) you missed, and if you still aren’t sure, ask us for help in the Ask the Teacher Forums.
4. Then retake the quiz.

What if you “fail” the quiz on your second attempt?
Click here to read our Reset request page to see our Reset Policy and how to request one.

DO NOT keep moving forward in the course. A reset will erase any progress you made after that point.