Essential Info About the Mr. Appliance Academy

Here's what you need to know to get yourself or your tech started at the Mr. Appliance Academy.

Website Address

If you look in the address bar, the URL can be a little confusing. To get directly to this site, just go to

The Mr. Appliance Academy has the same technical courses as at our original Master Samurai Tech site, but at dramatically reduced prices.

How to sign up in two easy steps

  1. Fill out the registration form. We will set up the account and email you with login details.
  2. Enroll. Log into the new account and then Enroll in the Course or Bundle you want.

Enrollment Options

1. Course Bundles - these are subsidized by Mr. Appliance LLC, giving you a tremendous discount.

  • Bundle 1. Includes 3 "full-support" courses: Fundamentals of Appliance Repair, Refrigerator Repair, and Advanced Troubleshooting. Full support means that they can get personalized help in the Ask the Teacher Forums, take exams personally graded by Team Samurai, and earn Master Certification. Tuition: $395 (retail value $1195)
  • Bundle 2. Includes the "self-study" version of the Bundle 1 courses. Students do not have access to the Forums, nor does this lead to Master Certification. Tuition: $150 (value $745)
  • Bundle 3. This is just the "self-study" version of Fundamentals of Appliance Repair. Tuition: $50 (value $345)

2. Individual Courses - these are newer courses that are not part of the subsidized Course Bundle program, but they are offered at a 20% discount compared to the retail value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do students have to complete the courses?

Each enrollment comes with one year of access, whether it is a Bundle or an individual course. Be sure the student is ready to get started before Enrolling!

Recommended course sequence for MRA Techs

  1. Enroll in Bundle 1 and earn Master Certification
  2. Then enroll in the other 2 courses, one at a time (either order is fine)

Does a tech have to take the two new courses to earn Master Certification?

No. Master Certification is only based on the Bundle 1 set of three courses.

Why earn Master Certification?

Most importantly, because it encourages the tech to master as much of the material as possible. But they also get some great bling, including a Certificate and the ability to wear the special Master uniform and patch. And as a huge BONUS, they get a free premium membership at our tech support site, Appliantology. For more details, click here.

How do I track my tech's training?

Supervising techs while they are taking the training is critical to ensure that they complete the courses on time and also get the most out of them. Please see our Employer Resource Page for information and helpful downloads for planning and tracking your techs’ training.

Why aren’t the two newer courses part of a bundle?

The original arrangement between Mr. Appliance LLC and Master Samurai Tech only covers offering our first 3 technical courses as a subsidized bundle. That may change in later years, but for now we are just able to offer the two new courses for individual enrollment at a 20% discount.

Still have questions?

There are more FAQs on this page.

Or, Contact us!