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Randy Perusse

    1. Assume that you have only done the measurements shown in Figure 1. What does the fact that you’re reading 0 vac ACROSS the heating element yet you’re measuring 120 vac FROM EACH SIDE of the element to Neutral indicate?

    2. Now given the testing shown in Figure 2, what do you conclude is the problem and why?

    Your Grade: 50%
    Your Answer: 1) It is indicateing that you are not getting power either from L1 or L2.

    2) The reason you were getting power on figure one is because you were connected to L1. So how you were getting 120 on 2nd figure because L1 and Neutral were connected. L2 was missing so when you did your measurements you were measuring L2 and L2 that gave you no voltage

    Please tell me where I can go to get this so I can understand it