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Randy Perusse

    Question #7: Here is a circuit showing the convection element and convection fan motor in an electric wall oven. The power supply is 120 VAC. If the diode were to fail open, what would be the effect on:
    1. the convection element current (increase/decrease/no change)
    2. the convection fan motor voltage drop (increase/decrease/no change)
    3. the convection fan motor current (increase/decrease/no change)
    4. Total current draw from L1 for all the parallel circuits shown in the schematic (increase/decrease/no change)

    You do NOT need to know a diode’s function to answer this. Just know that it is a component that has failed in an open state.

    I’m looking for four answers here. For each question, your answer shall be one of these words: “increase,” “decrease,” or “no change.” Any other answers besides these may be marked incorrect.

    What section would I go to understand and solve this.