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Eddon Lewis

I watch the video again. My issue was plugging in the values incorrectly in the calculator.

Just to make sure that i am on the right track and understand the video

I would use the formula I= E/R to calculate the current

So if the voltage is 240V and heating element is 28 ohms and the the loose element is 4 ohms i should divide 240 v by 32 to get the current.

After that i would calculate the Power for the specific element using the formula P= I^2 * R

Am i on the right track?

I realized that i had made the mistake of putting 32 divided by 240V on the calculator and that throwed off my answer. Smh

I try to do the quiz by not looking back at the formula because i want to ensure that i got it but i end up miscalculating so my grade was 84%. I will need to reset.

I have another question about the loose connections and what happens in the circuit.
Just checking if i understand what was said in the video. The current in the circuit would decrease and the power as well? Is there anything else that should happen in the circuit?