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Jon Anderson

I went back to look and see that my first answer for question 14 was that the rotor and shaft drive a “piston and valve” but that was incorrect. So I’m stumped on this one.

My reasoning in answering #14 the way I did my first attempt on the quiz was: At 1:00 minute in the 2nd video of this unit refers to how the rotor and shaft drive a piston back and forth in the compression cylinder. It explains how the piston pulls refrigerant in on its pull stroke and pushes refrigerant out on its push stroke. At 1:37 in the video it says “as the piston pushes forward the exhaust valve opens and refrigerant heads out toward the condenser.” Question 14 reads “The rotor and shaft in a refrigerator compressor motor drives a ______ to move the refrigerant vapor.” So it seemed correct to answer “piston and valve”.

Thank you in advance for your response