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Jon Anderson

    In the quiz for this unit I failed question 14 & 17 2x each. For question 17 I now realize I was not understanding that there are 2 mufflers… a suction muffler and an exhaust muffler. In my mind I was thinking that there was only one muffler, an exhaust muffler. This was confusing and as I look back at the two tests I see that I was guessing and gave 2 wrong and silly answers šŸ™ anyway I now realize that 2 mufflers are needed to help draw refrigerant in quietly and then push it out quietly. I understand what the correct answer is which I won’t repeat here.

    HOWEVER, question 14 I don’t grasp yet. The answer in my mind should be a piston but that is not one of the answers. I could use some enlightenment on this one.