Reply To: Module 6 Unit 5

Ricky Pugh

    Mrs. Brown,

    I revisited Module 3 Unit 11 as a refresher for questions #5 and 6. The schematic is easier to read than the wiring diagram.

    #5: It’s connected to line and neutral. The evaporator fan motor is considered a load (doing work) since it’s a motor. It’s operating at 120vac.

    #6: The condenser fan motor is also operating at 120vac. It’s also considered a load.

    #14: I looked back at Module 3 Unit 5 as a refresher. I know that resistance is measured in ohms. Equivalent resistance is always the smallest resistance divided by the current and amps. The formula for equivalent resistance is Req = R1 + R2. Even though the compressor is off, it’s resistance is R1 = 4.4 ohms and r2 = 6.25 ohms. Rtotal is 2.58. The equivalent is 2ohms.