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Susan Brown

    Question 6: we do an almost identical calculation in the video at the end of Unit 3. Can you follow along with how we did that? You were using the correct formulas, and you found the correct circuit current in your first step, but in your second step, one of the values you plugged into the formula was not the correct one, given what we asked you to find (the heat generated by the loose connection).

    Question 9: Your answer to Part 2 was basically correct. For part 1, we want you to tell us what you can conclude from only Figure 1, before we do the half-splitting in Figure 2. We’ve told you the heating element has continuity. (Plus, if it were open, you would measure a voltage difference across it.) It’s not a complicated answer, by the way.

    If you have more questions, reply below. If think you know the correct answers, don’t put them here – just reply to the email thread we’ve got going on the Midterm.

    Once we’ve got these two settled, we’ll talk about question 8.