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Susan Brown

    You are getting close, and almost overthinking it. But – this is great to think through and help you really nail it down.

    that a complete circuit is present

    The continuity check was only on the element, not the whole circuit, so you can’t say a complete circuit is present. Is current flowing?

    Voltage drop across the load should ideally be 240 VAC because we have case of L1 and L2, and yet, we’re getting a voltage reading of 0 volts

    What creates voltage drop? (See unit 8) The fact that we have 0 voltage across a known-good element means that ________ is not flowing.

    but alone not enough to conclude anything about the element

    you don’t have to conclude anything about the element – you know it is good. You’re just trying to locate the side of the circuit that has the fault so you can focus your next troubleshooting moves there.

    other than L1 isn’t live and L2 is has the only real voltage source

    This is an important conclusion!

    Is it not true that the voltage source should still be present across the circuit even with a open switch?

    You have to keep in mind with voltage readings what your reference is. In this case, some of the readings are WRT N, some are across the element. When there is an open in a circuit, you will read potential voltage at some points.

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