Reply To: mod 6 unit 6 Q 8

Sam Brown

    The question said: “You use your voltage light stick and see that neither ignitor is getting voltage.”

    How does this confirm an amount of voltage? If anything isn’t this statement implying a lack of voltage?

    My apologies — I misread the question.

    When the question said that you used a light stick to confirm that neither ignitor is getting voltage, it means that you touched the light stick to the wires that are right next to the ignitor. Since it didn’t glow, that does definitely tell you that voltage is not reaching the ignitors.

    On a range, this is always going to be the place where you would do a light stick measurement. It’s easy to access the ignitor wires with minimal disassembly.

    But that’s not the end of the story, since you have a control board that’s supposed to supply the voltage. The voltage test comes in because you have to see if that board is actually doing its job.

    Sorry for any confusion my previous answer caused — hopefully this cleared it up.