Reply To: Module 5, Unit 2 – Q7


So… we can’t use an Amp measurement unless we know it matches a specification. That’s fair.

But the question asks us for 1 singular first step. This step should be: “Calculate a value or values based upon the specifications we have with us which will help us calculate the total current efficiently.” We cannot say with confidence that this value would be the total resistance. We aren’t given the load resistances or the total power, which we would need in order to calculate the total resistance to begin with! We don’t even know the source voltage, though I think you want us to assume it’s given. But we should not assume. According to this own course’s explanation of what a technician is, from what I recall, we should not guess. The specifications are our guiding light. Therefore, my problem with the question is that we are given no specifications. Not even 120 VAC at an outlet. In terms of electrical values, Total Current could be calculated from Total Volts and Total Resistance, Total Power and Total Volts, or Total Power and Total Resistance, based upon the Ohm’s Law Pie Chart. The question would make a lot more sense if it was worded “A (possible) first step” as opposed to “The (only) first step.” An indefinite article as opposed to a definite one would have made all the difference… Or at least a note that this question is referencing specifications given in the video.