Reply To: Module 3, Unit 4 – Q7,8,9

Phillip Jansen

    Thanks! That cleared most of it up.

    Is there a past video, module, or unit which informs us about the flood condition or the function of a float switch? I looked around for a while thinking I had seen a previous video on it, but couldn’t seem to find anything.

    As for Q8, I’m still struggling to see the truth of the following statement: “Since the drain pump and circulation pump both work (ie., have good Line and Neutral), then the timer is not a suspect.”

    I can see how that statement proves that the timer is good/not suspect ELECTRICALLY, but I don’t see why the timer is apparently good MECHANICALLY also. The switch could be stuck to A1, never touching A2, and you would still measure good Line and Neutral for the drain/circulation pumps, right?