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Phillip Jansen

    Thank you. I am trying to digest what you have said and come up with, hopefully, some more clearly stated questions.

    1. Is it true that both Shorts and Shunts provide a path to neutral/ground which bypasses a particular load? This is something they have in common, right?

    2. If the above statement is true, then isn’t the main visual differentiator between Short and Shunts the absence or presence of at least 1 PROPERLY RATED Load on the path to neutral described above?

    AND of course, Intentionality comes into play, because nobody who knew what they were doing would construct a Short circuit intentionally, as it would just damage the circuit or not get any work done. But, in the interest of safety, it seems best to be able to double-check as opposed to relying solely upon someone else’s intent.

    3. A Load being bypassed is no longer electrically connected or part of a complete circuit, however it remains physically connected, right?

    4. Does the saying “All Current follows the path of NO resistance” apply exclusively to Shunts or is it true across all circuit configurations?

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