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Susan Brown

    Hi Daniel,

    Yes – when a circuit is labeled L1-L2 then this is a 240vac circuit.

    This topic was about questions 7 and 10.

    The scenario for Question 7 does give you the resistance of a load and asks you to calculate the heat produced by one of the loads. Do you still need help with this? The video at the end of Unit 3 (about the loose connection) is a similar calculation.

    Question 10 gives you the relative resistances of the two loads in a 240 circuit, and asks for the voltage drop across each one. Here’s a way to think through it.
    1. What will be the combined drop across both loads?
    2. What would each load drop if they were equal resistance?
    3. These are not equal – the resistance of one is two times the other. How would the voltage drop divide up between them?