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Susan Brown

    Don’t get ticked off, just get help! I’m glad you’ve posted this so we can help you.

    The Basic Electricity Module can be one of the toughest ones out of all the courses for some techs who don’t have much electrical knowledge. It can take some effort to master, but will pay off big time with improved troubleshooting. One of the keys to keeping your employer satisfied is to not remain stuck. If you aren’t understanding something and reviewing the course material a second or third time doesn’t clear it up, post a topic here. And just keep your boss in the loop in terms of what you are doing.

    1. 120 vs. 240 vac: On a circuit diagram, you’ll see either L1 and N at either end, or L1 and L2. These designate what the power supply is. We discuss what L1 – N means in Unit 4, and L1 – L2 in Unit 6. Review those and let me know if that has helped to clear it up.

    2. This question comes from the Unit 8 quiz. In the first video in Unit 8 we talk about how voltage drop is proportional to the resistance of a load, and give an example. (We introduced this information in Unit 3 when discussing Ohm’s Law. E=I x R.) There are two loads in series. It’s an L1-L2 circuit. The first step is knowing what the supply voltage is. Do you know that now?

    P.S. You should email me about your Unit 6 quiz score. And for the other questions you missed on the Module exam, work hard to understand them – these are important basic concepts. You can do it!