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Susan Brown

    Question 9 is about understanding the basics of how a circuit functions, interpreting the measurements we’re given for a load (the element) that we know is good, but is not functioning.

    Figure 1 shows us that there is no voltage drop across that load, yet when you measure from either side of the load wrt N, you measure 120vac. So, there is some voltage present, but no work is being done by the load. This tells us that no current is flowing through the load.

    You said above

    in terms of current flow, it means that there is not enough voltage to make the current flow. we would the full voltage for the current to flow and make the element heat up and function properly.

    That’s not correct. So I was trying to lead you to the other conclusion about what would cause current in a series circuit not to flow. It’s a pretty simple, straightforward answer, and in units 2 and 4 we emphasize that this particular thing is needed for current to flow.