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Susan Brown

    Hi Hector,

    Yes – I can reset you so that you can retake the module exam. I’m sure you’d like to get at least a 90% so you can qualify for MST Certification!

    Before I do that, here are a few tips for you:

    The module exam is made up of quiz questions from the unit quizzes. (It’s a random selection each time you take the exam, so it won’t always be all of the same ones.)

    Go back to each unit quiz and look at the questions you missed, and make sure you understand what the correct answers are. If you can’t figure it out from looking back over the material in the unit, then ask us for help here in the forums!

    When you are ready to take the exam again, let me know. The most direct way is to use the Contact form at the site. (See the link in the main menu or the bottom of each page.)