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Dan Eichelberger

    Yes, you’re office hours and courses have helped a lot. I’ve almost finished the schematics course. I owned a dairy farm until last fall and purchased a Mr Appliance franchise recently and we open for business next Monday. I’ve worked on a lot of things at the farm and always repaired my own things from motors to engines, electrical to plumbing to computers, etc. My past knowledge and your classes have helped a lot although I have a lot to learn. I plan to have my employees do most of the calls but I want to be able to do it and help them as well. I look forward to your help on this. I know there’s a board in the refrigerator department and I ran the self test. When I first put it in defrost mode the evaporator fan was running and I was confused, then it didn’t run the next time I did it. Also the freezer light doesn’t work. I checked voltage and got 32 volts. IDK.