Reply To: Module 6 Unit 5

Susan BrownSusan Brown

You’ve got 5 and 6 correct.

Equivalent resistance is always the smallest resistance divided by the current and amps.

That’s not quite right. Equivalent resistance rule of thumb: it will always be something LESS than the smallest resistance. The formula is Req = 1/(1/R1 + 1/R2)

it’s resistance is R1 = 4.4 ohms and r2 = 6.25 ohms. Rtotal is 2.58. The equivalent is 2ohms.

Change “Rtotal” to “Requivalent” and you’ve got this basically correct. Req of the compressor is about 2.5 ohms.

This is enough for you to be able to select the correct answer from our choices.

I reset you!